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Smart Hire

We all know the cost of a bad hire. And you can’t find culture on a resume. Workplace readiness is more than just technical skills.
So, what type of training creates a good fit for retention? This type of training!
Welcome to the future.

Industry Ready Courses


Employability & Emotional Intelligence Courses

Succeeding at Work


Wake up and smell the ROI!
The revolving door of turnover impacts productivity, morale, food safety and your bottom line. Succeeding at Work is closing that revolving door!

Courses & Programs

Training needs change as fast as industry does. FPSC keeps up so you don’t have to.

Smart Hire

Employability and soft skill training makes the Right Fit happen.

Get Involved

Succeeding at Work is an industry driven initiative. That means you.

NEW Skilled Labour Pool

Hire the people you need with the training you want.

Schedule and Timelines

The training program will be approximately 4.5 weeks

Training Dates

SEPT. 24 - NOV. 11


MAR. 4 – APR. 18


JUNE. 3 – JULY. 24


SEPT. 16 – NOV. 6


APR. 6 – MAY. 6


JUNE. 1 – JUNE. 30


Job Placement Dates

NOV. 12 - DEC. 1


APR. 22 – MAY 10


JULY. 29 – AUG. 16


NOV. 11- NOV. 29


MAY. 11 – MAY. 29


JULY. 6 – JULY. 24




Nova Scotia


“Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends where the learner is more successful. The end of the journey isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more.”

Julie Dirksen

“Across Canada, industry members from all sectors have said the same thing. We need a more permanent solution to the lack of trained individuals whom we can retain.”

Jennefer Griffith

Executive Director, Food Processing Skills Canada

“The SAW program will provide technical training within the Agri-foods sector equivalent to a trade or associate degree. $ 25,000 in free certifications is very significant. It will help elevate the skills of the labour supply while providing a broad understanding of the needs within the Agri-foods sector.”

Stephen Evans

Raspberry/Blueberry Processor British Columbia

“This project will provide future food processing sector employees with the tools, personnel development and work philosophy to excel in secure growth positions in the food processing industry. SAW will fill a need for workers providing them with close to $25,000 worth of training and skills in a dedicated, short term, full-time seven-week program. Partnering business will then benefit from opportunities to introduce these skilled and motivated workers to their work environment with three weeks of paid employment. After that the sky is the limit!”

Dayle Eshelby

RESOLVE! Management Partnership Lockeport, Nova Scotia

“I am a Biotechnology graduate and a new Permanent Resident of Canada. I come from India. Having the Canadian certification from FPSC helped me in showing relevant, local and recent skills making me more attractive for future employers. With all this help I was able to land a job in Peterborough, Ontario in July. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to be able to complete such an extensive course funded completely by the Canadian government and to have the complete support of FPSC to help me find employment in Canada. I am very grateful for their services and would highly recommend any new resident to Canada to learn more to increase their chances of employment in the vast food processing industry in Canada. No matter which field you belong to, this course can help you find transferable skills for employment.”

Abhishek Udawat

Peterborough, Ontario

“Local employers are actively seeking talent with the occupational and employability skills to fill vacant positions. Through local partnerships coordinating the recruitment of candidates for the industry-specific training and matching to local employers, our goal is to fill job vacancies with local job-seekers while supporting the growth of the food and beverage manufacturing sector.”

Pia Ritch

Director of Programming and Human Resources Mission Community Skills Centre Society

"CCIS very excited to launch the program. We believe that it would benefit our clients and the community at large, in understanding and gaining the right training in pursue of a better career in food processing. We are happy to be the bridge between employers and potential employees to find the right fit."

Eden Weredu

Program Coordinator Essential Skills Enhancement for Refugees Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

"The Succeeding at Work (SAW) program has the potential to not only change the lives of participating Canadians, but demonstrate to trainers, employers and policy makers the impact of a well designed and executed workplace learning program."

Mack Rogers

ABC Life Literacy Canada