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Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC) brings ‘must have’ tools and resources to the Canadian Food & Beverage manufacturing industry. FPSC works with government, industry, academia, Associations and communities, both in Canada and around the globe.

FPSC keeps industry informed with labour market information, news and trends.

Food Processors Institute delivers nationally recognized courses and certifications in technical, food safety and future skills.

National Occupational Standards and the Skills Library support a strong and skilled Canadian workforce.

We bring grant funding and innovative programming to help grow our industry.

1 in 8 jobs in Canada are in FOOD

We’ve empowered over 1400 + Canadians in food safety, employability, leadership and workforce essential skills courses, preparing our workforce for rewarding careers in the food and beverage processing industry. In the last 2 years, we’ve invested $5.5 million in training services.










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What We Do

FPSC is invested in progressive solutions that address Canadian food & beverage industry needs. We provide the latest industry information. We create programs and find funding solutions. We create solutions for labour and skill shortages, while increasing employee retention rates. And we promote the food manufacturing industry as a career of choice and viable career path. Our work is concentrated in 3 main areas that enable industry growth through sustainable solutions.

Leading the way, Canada’s AgFood and Beverage Sector is a powerhouse for our economy, contributing over $110 billion to our national GDP, and being a top employer – with 1 in 8 Canadians working in the industry. As one of Canada’s Future Growth Sectors, the F+B industry is thriving and has potential for substantial growth, with opportunities to improve exports and become a trusted global leader in safe and sustainable food production. But the question remains, where do we get the people to meet these demands?


Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC), formerly known as the Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC), is a national & not-for-profit council dedicated to the advancement of Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry. Proudly representing food manufacturers of all sizes, in all provinces and from all subsectors, we leverage our industry’s unlimited potential through the development of foundational, educational pieces, certifications and skill standards. As the industry playing field become increasingly more competitive, it’s our honour to be able to serve you in the skills and learning space.


We strive to provide industry with opportunities to participate in or gain access to government funded projects, grants and managerial tools, that ensure Canadian food processors have the most exceptionally skilled workforce in the world and remain competitive players on the global stage. Here’s how we do it…

Building Core Information

Education and Upskilling

Targeted Programs and Grants

about Our Difference

Building Core Information

In collaboration with industry, FPSC builds core documentation that defines the skills, knowledge and competencies required to perform on the job. In best practice, skill standards should serve as the foundation for the development of all training curriculums, and can be used to identify gaps in worker knowledge. Our work includes the development of labour market information (LMI), which is a collection of recent data on the landscape of the industry & its workforce. LMI data can be used for company planning and forecasting, hiring and HR practices, and it’s also a tool for governments to guide the distribution of funds and assist in the policy decision making process.

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Education & Upskilling

Aligned with our vision statement to “Educate, Cultivate and Empower an exceptionally skilled workforce”, we are constantly seeking new and practical ways to upskill industry professionals within the workplace; and we prepare adult- learners to fully engage in rewarding careers in the food industry. Our world-class training takes a holistic approach to learning in food plant environments, post-secondary classrooms and community programs. Our full suite of training is delivered in- person and online.

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Targeted Programs and Grants

Driving industry growth and advancement is our goal. We provide creative solutions to the industry's most pressing issues, by leveraging federal and provincial government funding pockets, to bring grant funding and innovative programming to our industry. Managing large contribution agreements is our most prominent area of focus and extends to create a variety of industry tools, programs and services.

about Our Difference

Partnering for Success

process Raising Canadian Industry Standards

How We Do That

We leverage our industry’s unlimited potential through the development of foundational educational pieces, certifications and skill standards. As the industry playing field becomes increasingly more competitive, we bring industry the information and tools it needs to drive success into the future.

Skills Library

Partnering with industry professionals nation-wide, FPSC has been able to create Canada’s first skills library exclusively for the food processing industry.


Courses & programs for individuals and organizations. Skills are freedom. Get SKILLED UP!

Labour Market Research

FPSC conducts research which documents labour composition and further drives discussion of industry needs with policy makers and industry.


Enjoy membership benefits that you can really use. Becoming a member of FPSC is like having a silent partner elevating your success. Just ask hundreds who have!