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The Benefits of Future Skills Training

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How It Works?

Succeeding at Work is about finding an awesome job or a forever career in an industry that employs 1 in 8 Canadians. FOOD.
Succeeding at Work trains not just skills, but the person behind the skills. That’s YOU. It’s not just about getting a job… this is about keeping that new job and discovering opportunities in an industry that is always exciting and always growing.


Make opportunity happen by taking that first step.


Online and in-person information sessions to learn more and get started.


4.5 weeks - 41 courses and over $25,000 in FREE training


You have worked for this! Enjoy professional placement and career supports. A great start to a new beginning.

Get Industry Ready

Welcome to the most progressive, industry led programming available anywhere in Canada.
Succeeding at Work delivers over $25,000 of FREE TRAINING in the skills industry is looking for. This 4.5-week program includes over 40 courses in Workplace Essential Skills, Food Safety Skills, Workplace Safety Skills,
Employability and Personal Development.
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