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Salima Tejani
Arif Iqbal
Kashif Hussain

Brampton Multicultural Centre
197 County Court Blvd., Suite 303, Brampton ON L6W 4P6
T. 905-790-8482

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Brampton Multicultural Community Centre

… Within three months of my arrival to Canada I was able to find a very good job in my own field, my kids are going to school and enjoying Canada’s education system; this all is done with Brampton Multicultural Community Services’ support and assistance …

Rana Daoud Ibrahim Ayyash


… BMC was able to help me in arranging LINC classes, CBT and HST application. This support made a definite difference in the quality of my life and the life of my kin … If it was not for BMC aiding us in this manner I believe that my family and I would have been oblivious to the resources available to us … The challenge a newcomer faces is harsh but not insurmountable if adequate help is provided by government and local people … I would like to thank BMC for helping me and my family in our dire times and without the help of the people at BMC I believe that we would not be set on such a positive direction in life.

Gurbir Singh Brar