About this course

Personal: The student will gain an understanding of emotional intelligence concepts. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on teamwork skills and identify those they would like to improve.
Professional: The student will be able to reflect on Emotional Intelligence concepts and critically analyze how these skills are conducive to their workplace success.


Workplace Intelligence Necessities (WIN) Overview

The Workplace Intelligence Necessities (WIN) program is 12 days within the 7-week Succeeding at Work training. WIN fosters emotional intelligence and enhances workplace skills. Individuals experience greater success with their employment outcomes when they possess certain key emotional and social competencies. Popularly called emotional intelligence, these competencies can include self motivation, the ability to cope with stress, the ability to problem solve or communicate, and many more. Emotional intelligence has been called the most needed skill set for future employment. Workplace skills will evolve with technology. It is the emotional intelligence skills that will allow workers and employers the flexibility to change as the employment landscape changes. This that are nimble and can adapt will continue to be successful.

The goal of WIN and Succeeding at Work (SAW) is to help participants understand how they react to situations and issues both personally and professionally. Greater control and understanding of oneself leads to increased retention, satisfaction in the workplace and greater opportunities for advancement.


SAW participants will:

  • Identify personal strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Identify job skills/values/ interests.
  • Learn to motivate themselves and set realistic goals.
  • Learn to implement solutions to problems.
  • Communicate effectively with employers/customers.
  • Implement coping techniques to deal with stress.
  • Promote optimism and self-actualization.


Who can apply for this program?

Anyone that is legally entitled to work in Canada can apply.

I am on social assistance, can I still take the program?

YES! Being on social benefits of any kind does not restrict your access to the program or disqualify you from receiving assistance. However, Succeeding at Work is not to be used as a reason to extend your benefits.

How do I apply?

You may apply through this website in TONS of places or use the APPLY button right at the top of the website. We will contact you right away. Even if it is to just ask a question.

I do not receive Social Assistance benefits. Is there any assistance offered through this program?

Each location has it’s own additional supports that we offer. Transportation or lunch may be offered depending on need.

How long is the program and what can I expect in participating?

The program runs for 7 weeks, Monday to Friday full days. You day may start at 9 or 9:30 depending on your province. We expect everyone to come neatly dressed and ready to learn.

Is child care provided?

At this time, no it is not.

What are the previous education and job history requirements?

There are NONE! We welcome participants of all age levels and your previous job history is just that, history!