Fundamentals Of High-volume Baking


About this course

Level 2
Duration: 2 hours

This course introduces participants to the principles and processes for baking in a high -volume format. Understanding high volume baking requires that you have a good foundational understanding of methods and theory in how food reacts under certain situations and the various common combinations that produce consistent results, such as thickening, coagulation, proteins, and starches.


Course Objectives
  • Basic knowledge and vocabulary for baking components.
  • What they are.
  • Reactions under different circumstances and processes.
  • Traceability and records.
  • Hygiene: the risky timings.
  • Microbiology vocabulary.
  • Enzyme activities with impacts onto flavors, textures, colors etc…
  • Synergy in between ferments.
  • Main bread making process and methods; what each step is for?
  • The function of the components.


Who can apply for this program?

Anyone that is legally entitled to work in Canada can apply.

I am on social assistance, can I still take the program?

YES! Being on social benefits of any kind does not restrict your access to the program or disqualify you from receiving assistance. However, Succeeding at Work is not to be used as a reason to extend your benefits.

How do I apply?

You may apply through this website in TONS of places or use the APPLY button right at the top of the website. We will contact you right away. Even if it is to just ask a question.

I do not receive Social Assistance benefits. Is there any assistance offered through this program?

Each location has it’s own additional supports that we offer. Transportation or lunch may be offered depending on need.

How long is the program and what can I expect in participating?

The program runs for 7 weeks, Monday to Friday full days. You day may start at 9 or 9:30 depending on your province. We expect everyone to come neatly dressed and ready to learn.

Is child care provided?

At this time, no it is not.

What are the previous education and job history requirements?

There are NONE! We welcome participants of all age levels and your previous job history is just that, history!