Employer – Employee Expectations


About this course

Level 1
Duration: 2 hours

This course provides guidelines for employee and employer expectations, business etiquette, personal presentation, and job searching in Canada’s work environment today.



Workplace expectations differ in every country. Canadian workplace culture expects individuals to be competent in speaking, listening and socializing with other people; to know the etiquette of working harmoniously with co-workers and supervisors; and to understand and respect cultural differences in the workplace. Employees are also expected to know general business etiquette, how to dress for the production floor and the office environment, and their rights and obligations in the Canadian workplace. Being familiar with and meeting these expectations are important to job success and career advancement in Canada.
This course provides guidelines for employee expectations, employer expectations, business etiquette, personal presentation, and the job search in Canada’s work environment today.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

    • Understand the legal requirements for Canadian workplaces for employee rights and obligations.
    • Meet the expectations for the general business environment and the food processing industry in particular.
    • Use strategies to address unmet expectations in the workplace.
    • Know and meet the employer expectations of behavior and attitude.
    • Know and apply business etiquette for phone calls, e-mail, introductions and interviews.
    • Understand and use a knowledge of personal space.
    • Know and follow workplace expectations for personal appearance and hygiene.
    • Know and utilize sources of job postings.
    • Use job search strategies.
    • Use tips provided for before, during and after a job interview.


Who can apply for this program?

Anyone that is legally entitled to work in Canada can apply.

I am on social assistance, can I still take the program?

YES! Being on social benefits of any kind does not restrict your access to the program or disqualify you from receiving assistance. However, Succeeding at Work is not to be used as a reason to extend your benefits.

How do I apply?

You may apply through this website in TONS of places or use the APPLY button right at the top of the website. We will contact you right away. Even if it is to just ask a question.

I do not receive Social Assistance benefits. Is there any assistance offered through this program?

Each location has it’s own additional supports that we offer. Transportation or lunch may be offered depending on need.

How long is the program and what can I expect in participating?

The program runs for 7 weeks, Monday to Friday full days. You day may start at 9 or 9:30 depending on your province. We expect everyone to come neatly dressed and ready to learn.

Is child care provided?

At this time, no it is not.

What are the previous education and job history requirements?

There are NONE! We welcome participants of all age levels and your previous job history is just that, history!